What is the Cost of Replacing your Hot Water Services?

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Hot water service may not be an issue for tropical countries, but for colder regions, it is essential for having a hot early morning bath to enjoy. Installing a water heating system in your home not only provides hot water comfort but can also increases the value of your property. However, it is essential to correctly calculate how much will you spend on these kinds of systems. Here are some tips on calculating the cost for hot water service and the service price for replacing it.

How to calculate hot water service installation costs

Money is hard to come by these days, and spending on items you don’t need is undoubtedly not an option. That’s why you need to know how much you need to spend on your hot water service. Here are some tips, so that you won’t overspend on installing or replacing your hot water system.

Types of hot water service

Types of hot water service

There are many types of heating systems you can have installed in your home. Each of these heating systems has different costs and requirements. There are three major types of water heating systems available for homeowners including;

    1. Electric water heating

    2. Gas water heating

    3. Solar water heating

As the name suggests, the significant differences between the three is the method of generating heat. Gas and electric water heating rely on non-renewable resources, while solar water heating relies solely on the power of the sun. Below are estimates on how much each type of water heating cost.

    1. Electric water heating – $450 to $1,800

    2. Gas water heating – $750 to $1,600

    3. Solar water heating – $3,900 to $5,000

What is the Cost of Replacing your Hot Water Services? » Hot water service

How to choose what to have in your home

Selecting what kind of heating you’ll have in your home depends on your home needs and location. There are locations where gas and electric fares better compared to solar. Here are some factors that you must consider when choosing what type of heating system, you’ll install in your home.

Household needs and capacity

Every family has different lifestyles which can determine what kind of hot water heating they need. The number of family members is also a determining factor that should be considered. Homeowners need to calculate these factors to avoid overspending on heating systems. Heat pumps and water tanks increase in cost when upgrading in size, and a bigger family will naturally need a bigger budget. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that bigger families need a larger heating system; it still depends on the frequency of use and lifestyle of each resident. So, before purchasing a heating system, make sure to find time to assess your household capacity and needs before anything else.

Determine what kind of heating system you need

Solar heating systems will work well in places with high levels of sunlight. Generally, this means places with warm climates and tropical areas are fit for solar heating systems. In Australia, the levels of sunlight are higher compared to Europe and other Northern hemisphere countries. However, location is not the only factor to consider. Your family may require a more substantial need for heating, which solar may not provide. Gas and electric are more reliable in heating systems, cheaper but has a larger carbon footprint in the environment.

What is the Cost of Replacing your Hot Water Services? » Hot water service

How to calculate your hot water service replacement cost

If you have just moved into a house, and you need to replace its old hot water system, accurate costing is essential. There are many factors you should consider so you avoid spending too much on replacement. Here are four major things to plan for when you are to replace an old hot water service.

Cost of delivery

One of the major contributors to the cost of a heating system is the cost of delivery to your home. Components for your preferred hot water system are usually shipped first from the manufacturer then to the distributor and then delivered to your home. You might want to look for hot water services that cover delivery expenses. However, not all companies provide these promos, so you should ask first for a quote on the delivery charges of various hot water services before you decide to buy.

Accessibility and location

Location is another factor that determines the cost of your hot water system replacement. In areas such as in Australia, transport is a big issue and will affect the overall price of any service installation. The cost may increase depending on the difficulty of access in your home. There are houses with steep roofs, or tight locations, where unique methods of transporting and installing hot water system parts are needed. Talk to your preferred hot water service provider and have your home assessed beforehand. Get a solid idea on how much overhead charge you’ll pay when replacing your existing hot water system. Engaging a local company can have the added benefits of covering the costs of call charges and shipping costs.

Installation service cost

The installation cost depends entirely on the type of heating system and the complexity of the job required. If you are planning to replace your existing hot water system with a different kind, it will cost more. However, if you will replace it with the same system, the cost will usually be cheaper. Cost for replacement range from $200 to $600 for replacing with a similar hot water system. It may reach up to $1,000 and beyond for replacing with a different water heating system.

Government provided benefits

Another factor that will affect the cost of a heating system replacement is government rebates and incentives. Unlike the rest of the factors, government rebates will drive the price down, and in some cases, by significant numbers. You should check local laws where governments provide incentives for homeowners to choose a water heating system. In most cases, any pro-environmental systems such as solar-powered hot water services have incentives. You should check your local provider and ask them for possible rebates you can get upon ordering a replacement for your existing water heating system.

What is the Cost of Replacing your Hot Water Services? » Hot water service

Consult your resident expert in hot water at Hogan Hot Water and Air Conditioning

These are the factors that will affect the cost of any hot water service replacement. You should discuss these factors carefully with your service provider to avoid overcharging and unnecessary spending when planning to replace your hot water service in your home. If your looking for an expert in the field, look no further than Hogan Hot Water and Air Conditioning. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, they can offer free replacement quotes and great advice for all your hot water service needs. Contact them today.

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