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Heat Pump Hot Water

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Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning are experts at repairing, servicing and installing all varieties of heat pump hot water systems.

Heat pump hot water systems are pound for pound the best hot water system as far as running costs and initial outlay are concerned. At around half the purchase price of a traditional solar hot water system they will pay for themselves much faster than any solar alternative and are even eligible for Government solar financial incentives where available.

Many households have had the misfortune of having their good old plumber come and install a heat pump hot water system only to find that they are left high and dry when the system needs a little tender loving care. Sadly, this is far too common and is a result of heat pump systems being electrical and refrigeration based and beyond the scope and skillset of the average plumber’s technical ability.

Because heat pump water heaters operate the same way an air conditioner does, Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning have the necessary skills to service and fix all heat pump hot water systems.

We can:

  • advise you on the best type of system to install and even analyse your electricity bill to find out how much your existing system is costing to run and whether you can save money by switching to a heat pump system or not
  • replace your old heat pump system with a new one or replace your heat pump with a gas or electric alternative.
  • Fix any brand or type of system including Saxon Solarstar, Quantum, Rheem MPi, or Dux Aeroheat just to name a few.

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Heat Pump

Service Locations

We service areas in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Gosford and the Central coast including Wyong.

What our happy customers are saying

“After a 7 years of hot water issues, 5 plumbers and hundreds of dollars I discovered Michael who in 5 -10 minutes solved my problems. He charged me a very fair price for what he did and he was able to come over in an amazingly short time frame. His experience in diagnosing the problem is what separates him from all the others who came before him. Thank you so very much Michael.”

Helen via Google Maps

“After our water heater packing it in late at night, I was unsure where to start. I took a punt of Michael and his crew after doing a google search and reading the ratings. I called Michael the next morning and by just after lunch our new water heater was installed at a more than competitive price (it was also a tricky installation). That night we had warm showers and by morning all was well again. Thanks Michael A+++”

Rodney Groves via Google Maps

“Had an electric hot water system go a year ago and they changed it out immediately without fuss. Contacted them yesterday, after I found out ants had been living in my thermostat and burnt it out. Once again, arrived immediately the following day and replaced it. Very reasonable prices. Great service. This is how you run a business. Would not consider anyone else. Thanks Hogan Hot Water.”

David Johnson via Google Maps

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