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Heat pump hot water systems are pound for pound the best hot water system for low running costs and initial outlay. They are cheaper to run than any electric or gas system and at around half the purchase price of a traditional solar hot water system, will pay for themselves much faster. They are eligible for Government rebates and in many cases, this makes them even less to install than an electric or gas hot water system. By using the same technology as a reverse cycle air conditioner, heat pump water heaters produce environmentally friendly hot water out of cold air – it’s amazing!! 

If a heat pump is just like an air conditioner, is it a good idea to trust a plumber to install it?

Heat pump hot water systems have fantastic electrical and refrigeration based technology so are not within a plumber’s technical ability or licence class. A plumber simply will not be capable to tune and service your system or help you out if they’ve installed it incorrectly.

Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning is the best choice for your heat pump hot water installation.

We are qualified and licensed to do all the electrical, refrigeration and plumbing work required to install and maintain your heat pump. We don’t use or need contractors and we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service from your first call, to your installation and to keeping you in hot water for many years to come.

Give Mike or Jamie a call or email to organise a free quote, make a booking or find out more information.

Heat Pump Hot Water » Heat Pump Hot Water
Here's Jamie with an iStore Heat Pump Hot Water System
Heat Pump Hot Water » Heat Pump Hot Water
and Mike with a Rheem Ambiheat Heat Pump System....Hello!

Heat pumps produce reliable, energy efficient and eco-friendly hot water at night, in the rain or when the sun isn’t shining – making them the ultimate hot water choice all year round.


Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning will:

Some common questions you might like answered...

So, how do heat pump hot water systems produce hot water out of cold air? 

Refrigerant is how! You see, we humans think a cold day is 10 degrees but the evaporator in a heat pump hot water system has refrigerant inside that is much cooler, say minus 10 degrees. This means there is a 20 degree temperature difference, allowing the system to absorb 20 degrees of heat even on a cold day. This absorbed heat is then PUMPED by the system compressor to mash all the heat molecules together causing the temperature to rise to around 70 degrees. This heat is then given off to the cold water causing it to heat up. This cycle continues until the whole system is hot. Although the system requires electricity to run the compressor, the amount of electricity used is less than one third of that used by an electric or solar hot water heater element.

Can I run my heat pump hot water system with my solar power?

Because heat pumps use less than one third of the power of traditional electric or electric boosted solar hot water systems, it is viable for many households to run their system via the excess power produced from the home solar electricity system. To do this effectively, the team at Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning will analyse your electricity bill to give you the absolute best individual solution for your home and “dial-in” the system so that you will have the most economical heat pump hot water system possible.

How do I get my NSW and Federal Government rebates?

We take care of the entire process for you! You simply sign the payment over to us and it is automatically deducted off the price of the new heat pump system – simple as that. Government rebates are available for replacing all systems including electric, gas, old heat pumps and solar hot water systems. The more environmentally friendly the replacement, the higher the benefit is to you. This means that replacing an electric system gives the most money back due to the high energy consumption of these units compared to a heat pump water heater.

How much does a heat pump hot water system cost?

All depends on the size, brand and installation requirements of the new heat pump hot water system and the amount of rebates you get for the old system replacement. Unfortunately, you will have to actually pick up the phone or send us an email to get an accurate price. There are two types of heat pumps – GOOD or CHEAP – cheap heat pumps are not reliable and will cause you much frustration due to their reliability issues. GOOD heat pumps are still very affordable with the Government discounts available and usually the range is from $2000 to $3000 if replacing an outside electric system in the same position. Good news is, they are well worth the extra cost for having trouble fee hot water. If you like quality, please contact us and we will give you a free written quote so you don’t have to keep guessing about price.

... and more photos to see how good our installs are

Heat Pump Hot Water » Heat Pump Hot Water
Heat Pump Hot Water » Heat Pump Hot Water
Heat Pump Hot Water » Heat Pump Hot Water
Heat Pump Hot Water » Heat Pump Hot Water
Heat Pump Hot Water » Heat Pump Hot Water
Heat Pump Hot Water » Heat Pump Hot Water

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