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An efficient and reliable hot water system is a must for every home.

hot water maintenance Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

There’s nothing worse that turning on the shower tap and nothing but cold-water flows through. Especially when all you want is a hot shower after a long day on the job. Keeping your hot water system up to date with regular maintenance and servicing can help to make sure your system is running at its best and is reliable when you need it most.

Signs that your hot water system needs to be serviced;

Most water heaters have a mild steel storage cylinder with a glass lining. Exposed metal parts of the cylinder are protected by a magnesium rod called an anode which is down in the center of the cylinder and protects the steel tank from rusting. The anode dissolves over time lining and protecting the exposed steel from rust. An anode will dissolve completely if not replaced. To avoid this, all manufacturers require mild steel hot water cylinders to have the anode replaced every 5-8 years during a hot water service. Servicing will stop rust and make your system last longer – simple as that. 

This could be caused by an electrical burn out or arcing in the system

Water leaks are a clear sign that your system needs repairing. Sometimes they are not caused by the water so further investigations maybe required to find out the source of the issue.

Hot Water » Hot Water
Anode replacement during service

Electric Off Peak hot water systems are listed as a separate item on your electricity bill usually as “Controlled Load” or “Dedicated circuit” so you can check straight away if the hot water system is the cause of your high bill. Other systems can result in high bills due to inefficiency, water leaks and high hot water flow rates. We can analyse your electricity bill and give you free advice to save a call out. Simply upload your bill to our contact form and we’ll check it out to see if the hot water is the issue or not. 

hogan hot water and air conditioning
can repair and service your hot water system.

Installations issues,
such as temperature settings

Excessive water pressure

Incorrect gas pressure settings

Relief valves constantly leaking

Pilot light outages

Element and Thermostat replacements

Many issues can be minor in fixing but in some circumstances the hot water system may need to be replaced. In this case, we will recommend and provide a quote for the installation of a new hot water system to meet your requirements. Servicing your hot water system every 5 years will increase the life and usability of the system.

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Diagnosing an electric hot water fault

Repairing your existing
hot water system

Your home should have a reliable source of hot water for you and your family. When there is a breakdown of any kind, it can be hard to complete your daily life with a limited supply of hot water.

With over 20 years of experience, we know everything there is to know about hot water system repairs and installations. We are an Australian owned and operated mobile business servicing Newcastle, Maitland and the Central Coast. We stock a wide range of hot water system brands and can provide competitive quotations for repairs and installations of electric, gas, solar and heat pump hot water systems. So, rest assured we will find the best system that is suitable for your needs and circumstances for your home.  

Why choose us ?

Our fully qualified and licenced electricians, plumbers, air conditioning mechanics and gas fitters are able to handle all repairs, services, and complete hot water systems installations, big or small – including heat pump re-gassing and repairs.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality customer service and professional advice to our clients, so they receive the best service and product information for their situation. Our fast service and excellent prices are just a bonus! 

We service all suburbs in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Wyong, Gosford, the Central Coast, Maitland & the Hunter Valley.

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hot water system upgrades or replacements

Are you looking to upgrade your old, and tired hot water system?

Installing the right water heater for your home is key for your family's future hot water needs! Our team can help find the best system, no matter your family size or hot water requirements. We have heat pump systems for energy efficiency, continuous gas systems that never run out of hot water or electric storage hot water systems that are super reliable and long lasting. We have experience in all types of systems. We are neat and tidy and remove the old water heater from your home after the installation of your new system is complete.

Which hot water system is right for me?

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IStore 180 heat pump hot water

Heat Pump hot water system

With massive discounts off the price of heat pump hot water systems using NSW and Federal Government rebates, heat pump hot water systems are a great option for eco-friendly and economical hot water for your home. Heat pump water heaters are more than three times the efficiency of electric hot water systems and are very effective at night and in the rain making them more economical than solar hot water as an all year round hot water solution. Cheaper to run than any gas or electric element hot water systems, heat pump water heaters provide fantastic value to you and the environment.

Instant gas hot water system (continuous flow)

These units are energy efficient and only heat water as it passes through the system, reducing running costs and green house emissions. They are small and compact in size which allows them to be installed in most areas and homes. Best thing is, they have a hot water supply that never runs out so if you have teenagers or a significant other that likes to indulge in super long showers these systems are the only choice – YOU’LL NEVER RUN OUT OF HOT WATER AGAIN!!!

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Rheem Metro 26 Continuous flow six star gas

Electric storage hot water system

This system stores hot water in an insulated tank ready to be used. The water is heated by an electric element commonly over night using low cost off peak electricity. They are like a thermal battery that charges cheaply at night and in the morning is ready for use throughout the whole day with the stored hot water created. They are versatile and reliable with many sizes to suit any household needs.

Hot Water » Hot Water
Aquamax 250 litre electric off peak
Hot Water » Hot Water
Rheem Stellar 330 five star gas

Gas storage hot water system

These are a popular hot water system unit, there is a gas burner installed below the water tank, so when water temperature drops below the set temperature the pilot light ignites the burners and starts to reheat the water which is stored in the unit

Your local and reliable
hot water expert at hogan

Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning is equipped to install, repair, and maintain all types of hot water systems and air conditioning units. We are experienced in replacement and relocation of all major brands of hot water systems including Rheem, Everhot, Rinnai, Aquamax, Dux, Midea, iStore and Vulcan Hot Water Heaters. We use and recommend Daikin Air Conditioners due to their reliability and value. Get in touch with the Hogan team today to discuss your residential hot water system or air conditioning requirements.

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