The Importance of Maintaining Your Hot Water System

The Importance of Maintaining Your Hot Water System

8 benefits of hot water system maintenance

Hot water systems play an important role in every family’s comfort and convenience at home. Hot water is necessary for many things, such as bathing, cooking, washing, and cleaning. Families rely on hot water for hygiene, while some household appliances rely on it to operate. Imagine when the hot water system fails on a chilly morning, with all the plumbers in town booked for the day.

Many take their hot water supply for granted. They only realise its importance when there are problems with their home’s hot water system. Often, the budget for the hot water system’s maintenance is not on top of a household’s list of priorities. However, preventive maintenance is one way to ensure that the hot water system will continuously work.

There are different types of hot water systems, including gas, continuous gas, storage gas, electric, solar, and heat pump hot water systems. All these hot water systems must be serviced and maintained to work effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance of Hot Water Systems

Benefits of Regular Maintenance of Hot Water Systems

Here are the known advantages of maintaining the home’s hot water system.

1. It extends the life of the hot water system.

One of the huge advantages of regularly maintaining a hot water system is that it maximises its lifespan. On average, hot water systems last from eight to twelve years, depending on the type of system. With regular and consistent maintenance, homeowners can rely on a system that will provide them with continuous hot water for as long as possible.

Through scheduled and regular system maintenance, technicians can spot issues in their early stages. Therefore, problems can be fixed and resolved before they become more serious and more costly to repair. On the contrary, leaving minor problems unattended will lead to more major issues in the system. These major issues can sometimes mean having to replace the whole system. They can also cause wreckage and havoc to the rest of the property.

2. It reduces the risks of breakdown.

One of the most obvious benefits of a well-maintained hot water system is that it will encounter lesser breakdowns. It is because problems are addressed and rectified as soon as possible.

A broken hot water system means no hot water supply for the house. It can lead to inconvenience and discomfort, and even health problems for some.

In some instances, a broken hot water system does not only mean no hot water for the household. It can also mean water damage to the property. It can even lead to burns and injuries if it does not work properly.

Maintaining the hot water system regularly reduces the risks of waking up to a cold shower. Worse, it can break down on a holiday or a weekend, and it may take days to book a hot water system technician for repair and servicing.

3. It will need fewer and less expensive repairs.

Regular servicing of the hot water system helps ensure that it will need fewer repairs. Since problems are fixed earlier, they do not grow and develop into other serious issues. This means fewer calls to a hot water technician for emergency repairs.

Hot water preventive maintenance is essential for homeowners to avoid inconvenient and costly emergencies. A continuous hot water supply means household members can go about their schedules and activities smoothly.

4. The system will run efficiently.

Some unresolved issues can result in the hot water system running inefficiently. It means the system is running at higher operating costs than it should.

An example of such issues is sediment build-up at the tank. It can make it more difficult for the heating element to heat the water since the element is located below the build-up of sediment. If the system is not maintained religiously, the build-up will not be detected and addressed.

During regular maintenance, sediments building up can be detected by the technician. He will then flush it out so that the hot water system operates efficiently at lesser energy costs.

Not only does an inefficient system equate to higher energy costs, but it also means greater water expenses.

5. It keeps the manufacturer’s warranty.

For most manufacturers, it is essential to maintain the system annually to keep the warranty active. Not following the prescribed maintenance schedule will nullify the system’s warranty, even if it is within the warranty period. It likewise means that the homeowner will not be able to take advantage of free repair and replacement services. This is true even if the system encountered problems within the covered period.

6. It helps avoid replacing the system earlier.

Since problems get resolved as soon as possible, maintenance helps prevent more damage to the hot water system. This reduces the chances of needing to replace the system earlier than its expected end of life. In addition, many families do not have the budget for an early hot water replacement. So, better keep it maintained to ensure that it is always running smoothly.

7. It keeps full heater capacity.

For tanked hot water systems, each tank has a specified volume of hot water that it can hold. However, if there are unflushed sediment build-ups, the capacity of the tank can be reduced. In other words, the household will have an inefficient hot water system if not addressed immediately.

8. It helps ensure the safety of the household.

Hot water systems are perfectly safe, but if not running properly, they can bring many dangers to the household and the property. For example, heaters can explode, leading to fire, structural damage, injuries, and even death.

Leaking tanks, faulty pressure valves, and rusty anode rods increase the risk of the heater exploding. A reliable and professional hot water technician can spot these problems during maintenance and repair them immediately.

Signs that the Hot Water System Needs Servicing

Signs that the Hot Water System Needs Servicing

Here are the common signs of a malfunctioning hot water system. Homeowners should immediately call their trusted technicians for servicing.

  • Fickle temperatures
  • Water leaking out of the hot water system
  • Sediments in the water
  • Changes in water pressure
  • Weird or rumbling sounds coming from the hot water system
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Contact Hogan Hot Water and Air Conditioning for your Hot Water System Needs!

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