The common causes of hot water system failure and how to prevent them

The common causes of hot water system failure and how to prevent them

Identify and resolve your hot water system problems right away.

Hot water system failures are a huge pain. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent this from happening. One way to do so is to know the common causes of hot water system failure are. It’s always better to prevent the problems from happening rather than fix them. This is why you need to know what causes heater failures and how to prevent them.

8 things that could cause hot water system failure

Many things can ruin your water heating system. Luckily, these things can be easily resolved and even prevented as soon as identified. Here are eight things that could cause a hot water system failure:

1. The hot water system was not properly installed.

This is one of the most overlooked causes of water heater failure. When your water heater stops working as well as it should, check its installation. Is it done correctly? Do some parts need to be fixed? Make sure you ask these questions before checking anything else.

Things that are not done properly from the start could cause more problems down the road. If you want to check your heater, be sure first to turn it off and shut off the water. Not doing so might become a disaster. If you find issues, call a professional to reinstall it.

The thermostat is broken

2. The thermostat is broken.

There are times when the other parts of your water heating system are okay, but the heating isn’t. If so, check out your thermostat and switches. Luckily, this issue is fairly easy to address. Get an expert to help you out when installing or repairing your thermostat.

3. The water heater has loose components.

If a hot water system has loose parts, it will not be as efficient as it should be. Loose components happen due to improper installation or time loosening it. A sure-fire way to check for loose parts would be to check for leaks in screws or bolts in the system. You can try to tighten the components yourself. Nevertheless, if it happens regularly, call a professional.

Problems with loose nuts, bolts, or screws are easily preventable, so don’t panic. Install or maintain your system correctly to avoid this from happening.

4. Your electrical connection has issues.

Sometimes, the lack of hot water isn’t a heater’s issue. There are instances when electrical work is the culprit. So, before you tear out your system for a new one, check this first. Check if any fuse is blown or if wires are broken. Doing this could save you significant time and effort. Also, check your gas levels first if you have a gas heater.

5. The hot water system or its parts are old.

Even the best water heater systems go through wear and tear. After a decade, even the most well-maintained systems start to develop issues. If you have an old heater, ensure to keep an eye out for signs of damage. Erratic temperatures, rust or mineral build-up, and damaged lights are a few signs of a failing heater. Unfortunately, these cannot be fixed merely by swapping parts. It would be cheaper and more efficient to overhaul your heating system.

You use the wrong water pressure for your heater.

6. You use the wrong water pressure for your heater.

Having the wrong water pressure in your home can cause significant damage to your heating system, plumbing, and appliances. For instance, high water pressure can put excessive stress on pipes and your heating system, causing leaks and other malfunctions. Leaks are a clear indication that the water pressure is too high, and immediate action is necessary. It’s important to change the water pressure to prevent further damage and costly repairs. To ensure that your heating system and other appliances are protected, it’s essential to monitor the water pressure regularly. If you’re unsure about the correct water pressure for your home, consult a professional plumber who can help you determine the appropriate level and make any necessary adjustments. Maintaining the correct water pressure will ensure that your heating system, plumbing, and appliances are functioning at optimal performance.

7. The system has mineral build-up.

Mineral build-up can occur if a system is not regularly checked or maintained. This typically depends on the water quality but can be easily prevented by periodic maintenance. 

Every once in a while, it is good to drain your tank to get rid of minerals. This helps keep your system clean and prolongs its lifespan and efficiency. Mineral build-up can solidify and cling to system components. This will add extra strain and effort to your heater, which can then break it. It could also block essential parts from heating the water.

8. The water heater is getting rusty.

Rust can cause a multitude of problems in water heating systems and is a common cause of system failure. When rust forms on parts of the heating system, it can lead to erosion and degradation. This erosion can cause parts to wear down more quickly and potentially lead to system failure. If you start to notice rusty water coming from your taps, this is a sign that the heating system is not functioning properly and needs to be addressed. It is essential to get a professional to replace any rusty components to prevent further damage and ensure the safe operation of the system. Ignoring rust in a water heating system can lead to costly repairs and potentially even health hazards, so it is best to address it as soon as possible.

What you should do when your hot water system fails

When your hot water system breaks down, the worst thing you can do is panic. So, calm down, lightly assess the problem, and call an experienced water heater specialist. While fixing things on your own may be tempting, it isn’t a good idea. Your hot water system should only be inspected and worked on by a professional. This is because this kind of system is extremely dangerous to mess with, especially by someone untrained.

The one thing you should do is prevent damage before it occurs. Check your system for leaks, rust, and build-up and try to maintain it well. If anything else happens and turns into a major issue, call an expert.

Let Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning fix your broken hot water system.

Let Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning fix your broken hot water system.

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