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In the early 90s Rinnai forever changed the way Australians enjoyed hot water, with its launch of the country’s first fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water systems. It was a revolutionary leap that provided total confidence and comfort by knowing that your hot water would never run out.

Rinnai’s extensive range of hot water systems are designed to meet the needs of every Australian household. This includes high efficiencies, water conservation, safety, versatility and the trusted Rinnai guarantee of reliability.

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Rinnai Electric Water Heaters

Rinnai Electric Water Heaters are built to be highly energy efficient with the environment in mind. Enjoy endless hours of hot water that is readily available due to the extreme performance that Rinnai Electric Water Heaters allow. With a fantastic energy star rating and precise temperature control, enjoy a safe and reliable experience.

If you want to get your hands on a Rinnai Electric Water Heater please don’t hesitate to contact Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning at 0488 029 618

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Rinnai Gas Installation, Repair & Servicing

Enjoy instanteous Hot Water with Rinnai’s gas water heaters. Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning are your local experts at installing, servicing and repairing Rinnai products and have been helping out families for multiple years gain access to hot water.

Rinnai products are at the top of their game when it comes to reliability, with low cost and high energy efficiency you can be sure that you are installing a product that will last you long into the future.

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