Electric Hot Water systems, Air conditioning, Refrigeration

Rheem Products are of great quality and great durability, if you are looking for a fantastic electric hot water system or gas water heater look no further than Rheem to provide you with high quality products. Rheem has a reputable name in manufacturing water heaters and offer the best guarantee available in Australia for their range of electric hot water systems with a 12 year cylinder warranty.

Rheem manufacture and sell a full line of electric, gas, solar and heat pump hot water systems suitable for the Australian market. They are the only manufacturer in Australia that have their own service department and Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning have a 25 year history of working with and for Rheem in their product servicing.

Perfect for the everyman, Hogan Hot water & Air Conditioning are experts in Rheem products and highly recommend them due to their unbeatable performance and reliability. 

Rheem Electric Hot Water systems, Air conditioning, Refrigeration

Rheem Electric Water Heaters

Rheem build a highly reliable product when it comes to their electric water heaters. Built specifically for residential customers and available in an array of types and sizes, Rheem’s range of electric water heaters are suitable for any home water system. Enjoy uninterrupted hot water and long lasting performance. Ensure your home has a high quality water system that is both affordable and going to last, Rheem is known for their outstanding build quality. Here at Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning we are major fans of all things Rheem. Give us a call on 0488 029 618 today to enquire about our services


Rheem Gas New Installations Services & Repairs

Enjoy instant hot showers with the economy of natural gas hot water. Mains pressure gas storage water heaters deliver hot water instantly by storing it hot and ready. Choose from our range to suit your family size and hot water needs.

Rheem allows you to reduce your gas bills and your carbon footprint at the same time with their state of the art gas water heating technology. Here at Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning we are experts in Rheem Gas Systems and can help with any installation, service or repair jobs. Continuous flow gas water heaters deliver hot water that will never run out as they heat water when you need it, for as long as you need it. Call us today on 0488 029 618.

Rheem » water heater
Rheem » water heater

Rheem Solar Hotwater Service & Repairs

Rheem Solar Hot water allows you to curb emissions and energy costs. A solar hot water system is a major investment for most homeowners so it is important to consider your lifetime product costs. We want you to get the biggest “bang for your buck” and will happily assess your usage and power consumption so that you get the right system for your needs. Talk to the Rheem Solar Water Heater experts Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning, with years of working in the industry we have superior knowledge to help with any Rheem Solar product.

Rheem have models for colder and warmer climates, with gas or electric boosters to keep your showers hot, no matter where you live. Made from durable materials, Rheem’s solar heaters can survive any weather condition and can provide you cost free hot-water! 

Rheem Hotwater Heat Pump

Heat pumps are a state of the art technology that cut down on energy usage and costs even when there is no sun. As Rheem heat pump hot water systems operate similarly to your home air conditioner, Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning are the best to call for installation, service and advice. These next-generation water heaters capture heat in the air around it and use it to generate hot water. Bring your carbon immersions down by installing a Hot Water Heat Pump with Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning today.

Call us on 0488 029 618 To discuss how we can install, service or repair your hot water heat pump system.

Rheem » water heater

Rheem Metro

Rheem » water heater

Rheem EZiSET®

Rheem » water heater
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