How To Choose A Business Air Conditioner

How To Choose A Business Air Conditioner

The size, model and brand are vital in selecting the right commercial air conditioner

Australia’s climate has warmed since 1910 by about 1.4 degrees Celsius, with the warmest year on record being 2019. As the temperature continues to rise year after year, all businesses, whether small or big, need to be a cool haven for customers, especially during the hot summer months.

To keep up, businesses need to make sure that air conditioners are up to the job. So, the question is, what are the things one should consider when choosing an air conditioner for their business?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Air Conditioners for Business

Factors to Consider When Choosing Air Conditioners for Business

Selecting an air conditioner that is best suited for one’s business does not need to be too complicated. Here are four factors that company owners and business managers should consider in installing or upgrading air conditioners.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioners come in different shapes and sizes, all with unique advantages and disadvantages. Here are the key points of each type of air conditioner.

Window air conditioners

As the name suggests, window air conditioners that fit into the window of a room. They contain the condenser, compressor, evaporator and coils – all in one unit. Most of them work in cycles that involve switching off once the desired temperature is reached and switching back on when the room temperature rises. Unfortunately, most window air conditioner models are not quite energy-efficient.

One advantage of this type of air conditioner is that it can fit into most windows, so no significant modifications are necessary. They can also be removed easily, making them ideal for renters who move around constantly. The downside, however, is that window air conditioners are only suitable for a single small room.

Portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are relatively easy to lug around and are sufficient for cooling a small area. However, they still need to be positioned near a window to draw warm air to cool before blowing it into the room.

Portable air conditioners have relatively low upfront costs, although they can cost a business more in electricity than other types. They are the best option if the landlord does not allow other types of air conditioners to be installed.

Split system air conditioners

These are ductless air conditioners most often found in smaller shops. They are called split system because they consist of two units: A head unit kept inside the shop, and an outdoor compressor. They are used to cool or heat a single room. Multiple indoor units (called multi-split system) can be connected to one compressor that can cool or heat several rooms or one bigger room.

The indoor units are generally mounted high on the wall, so this must be taken into account when planning the establishment’s interior. Multi-split systems connect by piping, which is visible to anyone looking at it.

Wall split and multi-head split systems are more expensive than window and portable air conditioners. However, they are more energy-efficient, making them practical in the long run. Their downside, however, is that minor modifications to the room are necessary during installation, including drilling holes for the piping. It is therefore recommended that only a professional perform the installation.

Ducted air conditioners

Ducted air conditioners can be the most efficient amongst air conditioner types. Also known as central air conditioning, they have a ducted system that involves a large outdoor compressor, an internal evaporative unit and ducts that allow conditioned air to flow through vents to various rooms.

These air conditioning systems are great for controlling the temperature of a whole office, store or warehouse. In addition, they are often cheaper to install and run compared to multi-head split systems and window air conditioners.

Ducted air conditioners also do not mess with the design or interior of a room because only the vents and control panels can be seen, making them virtually invisible.

Reverse cycle vs. Inverter Air Conditioners

A reverse cycle air conditioner uses a technology that allows the unit to both cool and heat a room. An inverter air conditioner delivers a constant flow of air without shutting off and starting. This makes them work more quietly and cheaper to run. However, they have a higher upfront cost than non-inverter types.

Features to look for in an air conditioner

Features to look for in an air conditioner

Consider these features when choosing an air conditioner for one’s business:


A star rating system indicates this, which means those models with more stars can help businesses save on electricity.

Fan speed

This allows the amount of airflow to be controlled. Look for models that offer more fan speed modes.


Air conditioners come with filters that remove smoke, germs and other airborne allergens. Some models feature ionisers that purify the room, the entire office or store.

Remote controls

They allow settings to be adjusted without having to get up.


Automatically control when a system switches on or off.

Zone control

Many ducted systems have this feature that remotely allows specific parts of a building to cool.

Air Conditioning Installation Costs

Air Conditioning Installation Costs

Several factors affect the cost of installing an air conditioner system including the brand and energy rating of the model. Meanwhile, the size and layout of the room or building will determine the amount of piping, cabling and ducting necessary for the installation.  

The material of the room or building (such as brick or weatherboard) also affects the installation cost. Generally speaking, more zones or units will make the project more expensive.

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