Heat Pump Hot Water Service

heat pump hot water service
Heat Pump Hot Water Service

When winter comes, many people have no choice but to face those cool mornings with even colder water for their morning showers.

Thankfully, families can now ensure that their homes have an efficient system for their hot water needs using a seemingly recent or ‘new’ innovation, but actually a technology that isn’t new to us – the heat pumps. Heat pumps not only make families more comfortable during the cool and wintry time of the year, but those who have chosen to enjoy this device can also do their part in saving Mother Earth by lessening greenhouse gas.

For hot water systems, we usually have the gas or electric options. But with the recent developments, more and more choices are becoming readily available. Solar hot water is cost-efficient and environment-friendly.

How to Heat Water Efficiently?

Reduce waste and avoid exorbitant costs by using heat pumps. Solar-powered heat pumps use the natural heat from the sun to heat the water stored in the home storage tank.

You can purchase water heaters for your heat pump with built-in units and water storage tanks. You can add on to your existing water heater and have it retrofitted to what you already have in your home. However, you will need help to determine what heat pump water system is a suitable, cost effective, and fits your home’s needs.

Those who own bigger homes tend to choose to have a heat pump water system installed in and the government is able to provide assistance in purchasing these systems to assist households through rebates, subsidies, and various energy assistance programs, as well as no interest loans to purchase a hot water system  for low-income families. 

Heat Pump Hot Water Service

Households purchasing heat pumps for heating and hot water production

Source: iea.org

Heat Pumps: How do they work?

How Does Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump water heater utilises a small quantity of electricity to distribute heat, versus the direct heating from the usual water heaters. A heat pump, in essence, works like a refrigerator but in reverse.

Different heat pump systems are available in the market. In a common type of a heat pump system, the evaporator takes in the heat energy from the air that surrounds it and vaporises the refrigerant. When this happens, the compression of the vapor increases the temperature and pressure. When the cold water is pumped along the evaporator, heat exchange happens and hot water flows back out to the storage tank.

A heat pump is energy-efficient because it requires less power than other systems. Oftentimes, this energy is used for residential ventilation and air conditioning. This is more effective than the traditional electric water heaters.

Heat Pump Hot Water Service

Making the decision: Choosing a heat pump water system

Getting a heat pump water system may be intimidating for some people as this is a new system. You may not know it, but that the same system is used on a standard refrigerator.

The heat pump system process is identical to the refrigerator process but it works the other way around. Heat is absorbed from the air allowing the refrigerant to evaporate, then it is compressed. The next step is when hot water flows from the system, ready to be used.

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Heat pump hot water systems may seem like they would be costly and expensive to have in your home, but they will actually save you money in the long run. Using them promotes sustainability as they produce a much lower amount of greenhouse gases.

A new technology may be a lot more expensive in the first instance, but prices always go down over time.

Even better, there is no need to rush out and buy a heat pump system and then throw your old one away. Some heat pump systems can be fitted to existing water tanks. Although, with rebates available, it is more cost-effective to convert the complete water heater over to this type of product.

Heat Pump Hot Water Service » Heat Pump

What are the benefits of having a hot water pump?

The most obvious benefit to having a heat pump hot water system is savings on your electricity bill. You be reducing your environmental footprint even if you cannot use other methods, such as solar panels, with a heat pump hot water systems. These systems can be installed almost anywhere. This means you do not need to be on a gas line or have access to propane tanks.

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