Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Optimise your air conditioning unit in time for summer.

During the colder seasons, it is pretty standard for your air conditioner to sit unused in your house. However, even with less use, your AC unit needs repair and maintenance before the summer to keep it running. One of the worst scenarios to experience during a sizzling summer day is to realise that your AC broke down. This can be unfortunate if you skip routine AC maintenance and inspection before summer.

With prior AC maintenance, you can help lower your energy bills and keep your home comfortable during summer. This can help you ensure that your air quality is high-quality, which can keep your family healthy and comfortable. Once your AC is summer ready, you will not need to worry. Your air conditioner will be ready to take on the summer heat with efficiency and ease.

Why should you get your air conditioner ready for summer

Why should you get your air conditioner ready for summer?

Planning annual service and inspection for your air conditioner is an essential step. If you do so, it will not be difficult for you to get your AC ready for the summer months. If you are wondering why you should service your air conditioner before the warmer months, here are a few reasons:

1. It can save you time, effort, and money.

Prepping your AC for the summer months can help you cut costs and effort. Everyone knows that getting your air conditioner serviced can be quite expensive. The cost gets even higher if you do not spot and solve issues in time.

In addition, small and minor damages will get worse if you do not prep or fix your air conditioner. Long-term, you will accumulate more costs if you do not maintain your AC before the summer.

2. It can help your air conditioner become more energy efficient.

Your air conditioner will run at its best capacity when you get it serviced and maintained often. Air conditioners lose efficiency over time when lacking in regular maintenance and thorough cleanings. Keeping your AC efficient helps it perform at maximum capacity without consuming much energy.

3. It can prevent your AC from breaking down.

Without routine maintenance and regular servicing, your air conditioner would break down more often. When issues are not spotted in time, things could worsen and become more expensive to fix. Your air conditioner will likely break down and need to be replaced if you do not fix the problems immediately.

4. It can help you improve air quality inside your home.

If you routinely maintain your AC before the summer, the possibility of your home’s air quality will improve. Bacteria and dirt could get trapped in your air conditioner if not inspected. This would be a big issue in the summer.

Mould and dust could accumulate and pose a health risk to you and your family. Having a contaminated air conditioner will lower the air quality in your home. This can lead to health problems for people in your home. If you get your AC checked before the summer, you can lessen the risk of disease transmission. You can improve air quality and keep your environment safe and healthy.

6 useful tips to get your air conditioner summer ready

6 useful tips to get your air conditioner summer ready

Make sure your aircon is ready for the hot summer months.

Remove dust and debris from your air conditioner.

Clean your air conditioner to keep it cool. This tip is one of the easiest things any AC unit owner can follow. When dirty and clogged, your aircon cannot function at its best. With dirt clogging it, your unit will run harder and increase energy usage.

Make sure that the AC vents are clear and functional.

The airflow is less efficient if your air conditioning unit has blocked and dirty vents. To clean the vents, open them up to release pressure from the ducts. Your AC will strain under pressure and might lead to a breakdown. You should do this to keep the unit in optimum shape, which is more energy-efficient.

Check and clear out the drains.

To prepare your air conditioner for the summer, you must check your drain for clogs. You have to inspect the drain lines for algae, mud, or leaves and clear them out immediately. Clogs can keep water in your AC unit and will hinder its performance. This will be a bad situation during the summer, so clean the drains when you can.

Clean out dust and dirt from the filters.

Having clogged and dirty filters will drastically lower your air conditioner’s performance. When you do not clean or change your air filters when needed, your AC will strain to keep you cool. A dusty filter will also introduce dusty air into your home and can become a health risk. With enough build-up, filters can stop an air conditioner from keeping your house cool in the summer.

Clean the AC condenser coils.

Remove the dust and dirt trapped in your AC unit’s condenser coils. Air conditioner condenser units are usually placed outdoors. Because of this, you must clear it out often. Dirt, dust, leaves, and debris tend to build up and clog the coils. If you notice any accumulation, clean the coils up to keep your AC functioning well.

Inspect your AC’s coolant pipes.

Even if changing your coolant is not recommended, you should still inspect it. Coolant pipes are typically covered with insulation. You should examine if anything is missing or damaged. If anything is broken or missing, replace it, wrap it, or call a pro to fix it.

Call Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning to prep your air conditioner for the summer.

Call Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning to prep your air conditioner for the summer.

Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning can deal with your air conditioning problems and worries. Here, we can help you with all your aircon maintenance and repair service needs. In prepping for the summer months, you can count on our air conditioning specialists to assist you. Rest assured; our team will make certain that you are not trapped in sweltering heat this summer.

We have more than 20 years of expertise with a highly skilled team. There is no issue that we are unable to recognise and resolve. In addition, our team can install, maintain, and replace your air conditioners. Call us on 0488 029 618 or email your enquiry to

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