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Dux has been an iconic Australian brand Since 1915, the Dux range has seen continuous research and development, resulting in many breakthroughs in the efficiency, reliability and longevity of hot water systems. Dux is committed to producing high quality products and to the on-going development of new products.

Dux water heaters are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the Southern Highlands, using a Quality Endorsed Company production system. This assures that customers have purchased the highest quality water heater available, one that will provide continuous hot water for all needs – safely, economically, and for many years to come.

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Dux Electric Water Heaters

Dux is an incredibly reliable Australian manufacturing company which offers superior performance in Hot Water. Here at Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning we are big fan of Dux’s products due to their high quality build and long lasting performance.

Dux products are affordable and power effiecent, ensuring that your home has reliable hot water at any time of day. If you are interested in a Dux Electric Water Heater please don’t hesitate to contact us at  0488 029 618

Dux Gas Water Heaters

Enjoy an incredibly efficient hot water system from on of Australia’s most reliable names in hot water. With high efficiency ratings, Dux are market leaders in everything that they do. With long term warranty and easy replacement, Dux’s gas water heaters are both reliable and affordable.

Hogan’s can help you install, repair or service your Dux Gas hot watering system production. Enjoy a hassle free service with a friendly & knowledgeable team.

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Dux Solar Water Heaters

The most innovative and future proof method of gaining affordable hot water instantly. Dux’s range of solar water heaters are highly reliable and environmentally friendly, use UV rays to generate free heat in your water filled roof solar panels to collect in your storage tank hot water system to decrease a couple of zeros off your next power bill! Hogan’s Hot Water & Air Conditioning can happily assist you in installing, servicing or repairing solar hot watering systems and even recommend you good products and methods of reducing power costs. 

Dux Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are leading edge in their field of producing affordable hot water. Heat pump pump hot water systems work similarly to your household fridge or air conditioner but in reverse, by absorbing heat in outside air and using it to heat water in your hot water storage tank. With high efficiency and reliability, heat pumps are incredibly functional at providing hot water and are eligible for Australian Government financial benefits the same as solar hot water systems are. Cash in on Federal Government solar funding and slash you power bills at the same time!

Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning can help you install a Heat Pump in your home today, claim your Government entitlements & provide you with a local and expert repair experience if you were ever to face any issues with your products. Call us today on 0488 029 618 to get a free quote.

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