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Bosch has had a presence in Australia since 1907, and generates annual revenues of more than 650 million Australian dollars per annum in Oceania, and employ over 1,100 people working primarily in our Melbourne and Sydney locations. Making it an incredibly reliable and reputable name in the Hot Water System Game. Bosch’s hot water and heating systems are among the most reliable and energy-efficient on the market, providing savings on running costs, while helping to preserve the environment.

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Bosch Electric Water Heaters

Bosch is an international company which manufactures incredibly high quality electric hot water heaters. By using superior materials and mass production techniques, Bosch is able to build an incredibly high quality hot water system at the fraction of the cost.

Try out a Bosch hot water system for long lasting results and uninterrupted hot water. If you need help or service with a Bosch hot water system please contact us at 0488 029 618

Bosch Gas Water Heaters

If you are looking for uninterrupted hot water for you & your family a Bosch product is highly reliable & energy efficent at getting the job done! Here at Hogans we are experts at installing, servicing and repairing Bosch gas systems & can provide you with a free quote upon your request!

Many of us take hot water for granted and it is not until disaster happens that you begin to realise how important it is to your everyday lifestyle. Hogan Hot Water & Airconditioning can help make sure that your access to hot water remains!

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Bosch Heat Pumps

Heat pump hot water systems utilize a very simple yet amazing concept – heat flows downhill! Anything that is cooler (downhill) will absorb heat from something that is hotter (uphill). As such, the very cold refrigerant (e.g. minus 20 dregrees celsius) inside a Bosch heat pump will absorb heat out of the air at anytime of the day or night, summer or winter. On an average 25 degree Australian day the refrigerant in a Bosch heat pump will be able to absorb 45 degrees of free heat out of the air. Even on a freezing cold 5 degree day there will still be 25 degrees of free heat available to be absorbed by the system. Taking heat out of the ambient air and then compressing it in the refrigerant system causes it to intensify to over 70 degrees in temperature. Imagine gathering small particles of heat and squashing them together to intensify their power – this is how a heat pump does its job – it gathers free heat in the air and pumps it together to intensify its heat and provide fee hot water. Bosch’s incredibly energy efficient design makes them a market leader in heat pumps, providing reputable performance and longevity. 

With years of experience in installing, servicing and repairing heat pumps, Hogan Hot Water can assist you with any need that you might have to do with heat pumps or water heating. Contact us today on 0488 029 618.

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