Benefits of regular air conditioner servicing

Benefits of regular air conditioner servicing

The wonders of getting regular aircon maintenance.

Air conditioning is one of the most important aspects of a home or business establishment. However, many people take air conditioning for granted. They only remember to call an air conditioning professional when it is not working.

An air conditioner brings in loads of benefits to the household. It cools the indoor air by absorbing heat and transferring it outside the house. One of the many benefits of an air conditioner is that it protects the home from extreme weather. It can get sweltering in some parts of Australia, and an air conditioner can help keep things cool. It also protects the occupants of the house when the weather gets too chilly.

It keeps the occupants of the house or an office comfortable, no matter the weather outside. Of course, when people are comfortable, they can be more productive and efficient. An air conditioner also helps members of the family get better sleep and a good night’s rest.

With all these benefits, it is vital to keep the air conditioner working in its best condition. Having a broken air conditioner during a hot summer night will be a great inconvenience. To avoid this, homeowners and facilities managers should always include air conditioner servicing in their maintenance checklist.

What is involved in air conditioner servicing?

What is involved in air conditioner servicing?

Most homeowners can clean the filters of their air conditioner by themselves. Doing this regularly can help make the air easily and efficiently flow.

However, like with other equipment, air conditioners also need to be checked and serviced by professionals. How often they need to be serviced will depend on how heavily they are used.

Air conditioner servicing usually involves the following:

  • Replacement of air filters
  • Cleaning, inspection, and tune-up of the AC system
  • Checking and repair of the thermostat
  • Inspection of the condensate pump
Why is air conditioner servicing important?

Why is air conditioner servicing important?

Just like with cars, air conditioner servicing ensures that the AC will be working efficiently and performing its best. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional to service the AC system.

1. Pay lower electricity bills

Regular AC servicing will improve the efficiency of the system. An efficient AC system will help reduce the household’s electricity bills. Since the aircon is in its best condition, the system will not need to work in overdrive and consume more power. For instance, clean air filters can save the household up to 15 per cent more energy compared to dirty filters.

2. It extends the life of the AC system

Regular maintenance can help maximise the operating life of an air conditioner. Regular servicing helps ensure that all parts of the air conditioning system are working properly. When one component of the aircon system fails, it affects the whole system’s performance. Servicing done by a professional can help reduce the risks of problems with the AC system components.

Note that the life expectancy of air conditioners is nine years, but if maintained properly and regularly, they could last up to 15 years.

3. It reduces repair costs

When the problem is more serious, its repair costs will also be higher. Regular servicing allows the professional to spot issues before they become too serious. These small problems, when left unchecked, can turn into major and costly repairs in the long run. Service and maintenance costs are much cheaper compared to major repairs and replacements.

4. It improves the performance of the AC

Over time, the AC will gather dust and debris that will affect the quality of its performance. Minor problems will also affect how it effectively cools down the house or office. A well-maintained air conditioner will give high performance at a much lower cost. It can cool down the room much more efficiently than an AC that is not regularly maintained.

5. It ensures the comfort and health of the household

Imagine having the AC break down in the middle of summer. Servicing the AC helps ensure that the air conditioner will not go down at times when its service is most needed. While emergency repairs may be available, the disruption will still have the household suffer in the sweltering heat. So, before the summer comes, ensure to have an AC professional check the health of the air conditioner.

6. It improves indoor air quality

Poor indoor air quality can lead to respiratory allergies and illnesses. It can be attributed to dirty filters and air ducts. Regular servicing of the AC system helps maintain good indoor air quality. It also ensures that there is enough ventilation and reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

If someone has recurring allergies and asthma in the household, then it is high time to hire a professional to service the AC system.

7. It removes smelly air

Moulds, bacteria, and dirt accumulating in the AC unit can give off a foul odour. However, homeowners can avoid any unpleasant smell through the regular maintenance of the AC. Aside from the foul odours, moulds and bacteria can cause respiratory health problems.

8. It is more earth-friendly

Servicing the air-con makes the household more earth-friendly. For example, problems such as leaking refrigerants can release greenhouse gases into the air. Regular AC servicing can help spot refrigerant leakage as soon as possible.

Air conditioners that are regularly serviced also consume lesser energy, reducing the household’s carbon footprint.

9. It is compliant with the manufacturer’s warranty

Most manufacturers require that ACs be regularly serviced and maintained by a professional to keep them in good working condition. To avoid voiding the warranty, check the requirements or conditions provided by the manufacturer, which could be found in the manual or even on the receipt.

Contact Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning for your AC servicing needs

Contact Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning for your AC servicing needs

Our team at Hogan Hot Water & Air Conditioning is all you need for all your air conditioning repair and maintenance needs. We can help you with damaged filters, damaged insulation and ductworks, leaking refrigerants, blackened evaporators, and failed capacitors, among many other services. We have over two decades of experience, and there is no problem that we could not spot and fix. Our team also installs new units and replaces old ones. Contact us on 0488 029 618 or email us at

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