5 Tell Tale Signs You Need an Air Conditioning Service

5 Tell Tale Signs You Need an Air Conditioning Service

Look out for these signs and contact an air conditioner repair specialist asap.

Air conditioning is essential for any Australian home. The climate here in the Land Down Under is a heady mix of hot, warm and cold but, thanks to air conditioning, you can be comfortable during sizzling summer months and cosy during those long winter nights. Do you want to live in a home that’s perfect for all seasons? If you do, and you already have a system, you need to treat your air conditioner right.

5 Telling Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing

Most air conditioning units last for about 10 years or so, depending on how heavily it is used. Daily use is desirable to set the right home temperature but this causes wear and tear. Just as you bring your vehicles to a mechanic for annual registration purposes, so your air conditioner should be serviced when you notice these things:

Reduced Airflow

1. Reduced Airflow

Modern air conditioning brands will last a long time and function properly until dust and dirt builds up over time. If you are noticing that you aren’t achieving the temperature you desire, your air conditioner needs servicing. Your air conditioner uses many filters before sending out cool or warm air. When dust, dirt, and other particles clog these filters, less air can pass through.

This is the most common sign that you need to contact the professionals. Here’s a tip: if you always need to increase fan speed to feel cool, this can mean reduced airflow. If this persists, you should schedule an air conditioner service.

Leaking Fluid

2. Leaking Fluid

You could say that the effect of reduced airflow depends on what you consider to be cold or warm enough. With leaks, however, there’s no such subjectivity or confusion. If you see drips of water – or any other liquid – from the air conditioner, then you have a leak.

Leaks are dangerous: They can cause a mess that you might slip up on. An air conditioning professional is best prepared to handle these leaks, and in a timely manner. You can save injury, save your floor, save your furniture, and save the trouble that leaks cause.

Please note: A leaking air conditioner doesn’t always just need a refill. A simple top-up for refrigerant leaks might not solve the problem. There are many causes of leaks, including improper installation, poor drainage, or clogged air filters. Unless professionals address the real cause of leaks, your air conditioner will continue to leak and could even fail entirely.

Unusual Noise

3. Unusual Noise

It is quite common for any machine to produce a small amount of noise during regular use and air conditioners are no exception, but unusual, different or louder sounds will occur when there’s a problem. You could even consider this a distress call from your machine.

Unpleasant Odour

4. Unpleasant Odour

Normally, there is no distinct smell when the air conditioner is on. However, if you do begin to smell an unusual or unpleasant odour, it is time for an air conditioning service. Never delay action with a foul smell – it can ruin the ambience of your home and may also contain bacteria that can cause serious health problems.

The type of problem you may have will depend on the type of smell. A dirty air conditioning unit causes bad smell, but It can also be that the air filter is clogged with dust. Another cause is poor moisture drainage, leading to the formation of mould and, consequently, an unpleasant smell.

Now imagine if you don’t book for an air conditioning service. Your property may be pleasing to the eyes, but the foul smell can ruin its beauty. Not only that, think of your family’s health. Those with asthma and other respiratory ailments might suffer further health problems.

Higher Electricity Bills

5.Higher Electricity Bills

The most telling of all these signs is a higher electricity bill. Do you have new appliances or gadgets at home? If you don’t have and still get higher electricity bills, better check on those you already have. Air conditioners have been improved over the years when it comes to electricity consumption, but if you want to maximise these improvements, servicing is necessary.

Leaving the signs of reduced airflow, leaks, noises, or foul smell unattended may cause your air conditioner to lose efficiency. Instead of working properly at 100%, your air conditioner is only 60% efficient. The air conditioner needs to work extra hard to maintain its performance despite these problems.

When the air conditioner has to do more than it should, expect higher electricity bills. It doesn’t matter if you only turn on the unit for a few minutes. As long as the air conditioner isn’t running efficiently, you will get higher electricity bills.

Air Conditioning Service

Get Excellent Air Conditioning Service from Hogan Hot Water and Air Conditioning

When you see signs that you need an air conditioning service, we recommend that you schedule one immediately. Save time, money and stress: Do not wait until your air conditioner is beyond fixing and servicing.

Our team at Hogan Hot Water and Air Conditioning provide quality and reliable air conditioning service. Backed with over 20 years of experience, we can help you create and maintain a safe, pleasant, efficient atmosphere for your home across all seasons. For other enquiries, contact us here.

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