2023 Energy Saving Tips

2023 Energy Saving Tips

How to save energy as we move into the new year

You and your family’s comfort and quality of life are improved by taking steps to increase energy efficiency, which also decreases your energy bills. With certain cost-effective measures and simple changes in lifestyle, you have the potential to start saving right now and for years to come.

Changing your everyday energy habits is essential for managing your energy usage when you’re trying to conserve and use energy efficiently.

Get 2023 off to a great start with these energy-saving tips. This helps reduce your carbon footprint and electricity bills at home.

Invest in new appliances

Invest in new appliances

It is best to not delay replacing your appliances when they are 15 years old if you are trying to save money. With an appliance that is that old, you may often fix one problem just to have another one appears shortly after. It might soon turn into an endless money pit of expensive fixes.

It’s usually time to switch out large appliances after 10- 15 years such as an air conditioner or water heater, with a high-efficiency model that consumes less energy. Is it time to replace your appliances? We got you covered at Hogan Hot Water Systems & Air Conditioning Newcastle.

Use a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan may cost-effectively reduce the temperature of your room by up to 10 degrees. In comparison to using a central air conditioner, it requires only 10percent more energy. You can also increase the temperature on your smart thermostat by up to 4 degrees Celsius without losing comfort.

Your room’s air can be adequately circulated, and a draft can be produced by using a ceiling fan. Its wind-chill effect can also improve the comfort of your surroundings. To support international energy conservation efforts, it is advised to turn off the fan when not in use.

Unplug any used equipment

Unplug any used equipment

To stop appliances from consuming energy, unplug them or use a power strip with an on/off switch. Nearly 10 percent of your energy use can be attributed to appliances like air conditioners, laptops, televisions, and space heaters that use energy even when they’re not in use.

Air filters should be cleaned or replaced as needed

Most homes’ major energy consumers are the heater and air conditioner, which are forced to work harder by blocked air filters. To assist you in reducing your energy costs, remember when the filter needs to be replaced, mark the installation date on it and take steps to ensure it remains clean and hygienic throughout the year.

Plant trees for shade

In order to limit solar heat gain in the summer and act as a wind barrier in the cold, plant shade trees all around your home, with an emphasis on the south and west sides. The most effective summer roof shading is provided by deciduous trees with high, spreading branches and leaves. On the west side of the house, trees or shrubs with foliage that is closer to the ground are more effective in providing shade from the late afternoon sunlight.

Check for repairs

If you notice that your home has leaking hot water system elements, clogged air filters, and a broken air conditioner, Hogan Hot Water an Air Conditioning is right person to help you fix the job. “Your Home Comfort Heroes” will provide you the highest quality service, excellent products, affordable prices, and great advice to give for customers the very best value available.

Shorter showers

By lowering your water heating costs, taking a 10-minute shower for half the time can help you conserve both water and energy. You can also save water and energy by installing low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators. In just one year, your family may save a lot of money by taking these small steps.

Keep your doors and windows sealed and insulated

Keep your doors and windows sealed and insulated

A great technique to lessen the amount of heat that can escape through your walls is to add insulation to your home. Your room will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter owing to it. Insulating your roof cavities can also assist keep your room from becoming stiflingly hot throughout the day. You can reduce your cooling costs by up to 40 percent by doing this.

A smart approach to keep your home cool in the summer is to seal your doors and windows. To stop air from escaping via cracks around your windows and doors, one of the factors contributing to energy loss, is crucial. Caulk or weatherstripping can help you cut your energy use by roughly 10 percent.

In the summer, draw the blinds, shades, and drapes to block the light and heat; in the winter, leave them open to let the sun’s radiant heat warm your home.

Dry dishes and clothes in the air

Consider letting the dishes air-dry rather than utilising the drying function on your dishwasher. On a sunny day, hang your clothes to dry outside rather than using the dryer.

Dress appropriately

Choose to wear fewer layers during the summer and a few more during the winter to adjust for the small change in temperature. This reduces the need for additional cooling and heating appliances which can save you more and is more energy efficient.

Choose the experts in heating and cooling at Hogan Hot Water and Air Conditioning

Choose the experts in heating and cooling at Hogan Hot Water and Air Conditioning

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your heating and cooling appliances, have repairs made to your existing set up or just need advice on methods to help you improve energy efficiency as we move into 2023, Hogan Hot Water and Air Conditioning have years of experience and can provide professional advice and superior service. Get in touch with our team today on (02) 4962 2111 or email our team online.

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